Design Thinking @ Scale – How to scale Human Centeredness?

A while back, I was sitting down with the board of directors of a large, globally active company. The challenge: How do we bring more human-centered design into the DNA of our entire company? You might be familiar with this challenge in a slightly modified way from your own company or sector: How do I achieve a cultural change that goes beyond a team, a department, a division, a region, or even a country? How does transformation truly succeed?

The 3 pillars of launchlabs for a successful transformation

In this keynote, which I gave at this year’s Mural Imagine conference, I briefly introduce three pillars that we at launchlabs have identified for this purpose: 

  1. learninglabs – modular, scalable and if necessary virtual trainings, in which the participants not only learn and practice an agile and human-centered skillset and toolset, but also the corresponding mindset 
  2. projectlabs – successful agile projects to demonstrate that a people-centered approach leads to innovative results in a short amount of time
  3. culturelabs – agile teams, values, spaces, furniture, IT systems and processes to make it easier for employees and teams to really bring the new, human-centric culture to life

“Do good and talk about it”

The fourth aspect of human-centric transformation is communication. Our experience shows that effective and also human-centered communication (communicationlabs) is necessary in order to explain and manifest a new culture and to really take the employees along with it. Only in this way can the transformation be successful and enable a real change to take place. Thus, human-centered communication can be scaled up in a sustainable way.

In the keynote, I give a few illustrative examples and best practices for each of the above mentioned points from our everyday work lives.

I am looking forward to your feedback and am happy to answer any questions or exchange ideas!

Dr. Simon Springmann |

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