Design thinking as a methodology and mindset to support your strategy and innovation!

launchlabs help you ask the right questions, broaden your perspective ensuring that a playful and productive organisational culture emerges, inspiring the entire organisation and leading to better solutions in short sprints.

This agile approach makes it possible to set priorities in transformations, to estimate the required effort and quickly implement initial measures. The ultimate goal of our co-creation is not the workshop in itself; it is to ensure an awareness and understanding of the issues, obtain buy-in and ownership leading to successful solutions that balance desirability, viability and feasibility.


launchlabs supports you in strategic realignment or at selected strategy and conference meetings.

Strategylabs at a glance

By applying agile approaches, we support your management team in developing strategic issues. This enables you to react flexibly and to integrate into your strategy complex and rapidly changing markets, unknown conditions and technological trends.

With approaches such as Lean Start-Up, Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking we help you not only to plan innovative business models or strategic positioning, but also to test them in real live without any major risks. Through agile design methods, as a traditional organization, you can also validate and adapt your hypotheses and concepts to the market faster and more flexibly, just like a start-up. In our strategylabs, we systematically examine and describe the status quo together with your cross-functional management team. Fields of action are explored, defined and prioritized. From this, we develop design principles for actually implementing these topics. Based on these guidelines, we finally develop solutions which we implement in prototypes and test in reality.

For whom?

  • Managers from organizations or organizational units who want to strategically realign themselves

How long?

  • From a one-day strategy review to several months of support for the actual implementation


  • The launchlabs support your management team in developing strategic topics
  • Via agile design methods, even as a traditional organisation, you can validate and adapt your hypotheses and concepts to the market much faster and more flexibly, just like a start-up.


  • At your location, at the launchlabs innovationloft or at any inspiring location


Are you facing complex challenges for which you know neither the solution nor the approach? We turn your team into a manoeuvrable speedboat by designing and executing agile innovation sprints for you.

Innovationlabs at a glance

We make you faster than the market by planning and implementing agile innovation projects with your development teams. With approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean-Start-Up or Scrum you break away from traditional structures and act like a real start-up yourself: thanks to our facilitation, you move forward user-oriented and agile in short sprints. These  sprints allow for early mistakes in order to learn from them more quickly. Thus, you reduce uncertainty even with complex challenges and minimise the risk of high investments. Right from the start, we set up your innovation projects in such a way that teams from different departments work cross-functionally and exchange their perspectives. In addition, we help you throughout the entire project to get inspiration for unusual solutions from various internal and external sources. All in all, with our support, you can design new and innovative solutions for complex challenges that reach the market more quickly.

For whom? 

  • Development teams or managers who are to develop solutions to complex problems, for which there is no clear solution path, in a short period of time


  • launchlabs supports you with the methodical know-how of agile approaches such as Lean Start-Up or Design Thinking in developing new services, products or processes
  • We support your team in developing visionary ideas beyond the everyday and bringing them to market via prototypes – always with the user needs in focus
  • In preparation for the project, we help you to put together a cross-functional team, plan the development sprints with dependent resources and support you in setting up a creative team working environment

How long?

  • Short workshop formats to give impulses and point out development paths
  • Long-term support within the scope of a project in order to bring solutions to market maturity


  • On your location, at the launchlabs innovationloft or any inspiring location