Vision, strategy and innovation development with agile methods

launchlabs help you to ask the right questions, broaden your perspective and quickly develop so-called prototypes or Minimum Viable Products (MVP), i.e. first testable versions of a potential solution.n doing so, we foster an equally productive and playful work culture, which inspires the team, makes work fun and in which we work together in short sprints step by step to achieve better and better solutions.

This agile approach makes it easier to set the right priorities, estimate the effort required and implement initial measures in a flexible and quick manner. The focus is always on the users. Our launchlabs facilitators guide your team as a whole as well as each individual, enabling them to learn and develop, not least through regular reviews and reflections. In addition, we make sure that the results are integrated into the structures and processes of your company towards the end of the project.

All projectlabs can take place on your premises, in one of the launchlabs innovation lofts, at another inspiring location or remotely via video conference.


The launchlabs provide support in answering the question “why?”

visionlabs at a glance

Within the visionlabs, participants work collaboratively under the guidance of experienced launchlabs facilitators to develop a sustainable vision for the introduction of more user centricity and agility in your organisation or department.

The question is clarified what the focus on users means for your organisation and why this is important. In addition, a shared vision in the form of a vision statement is developed and principles of future collaboration are clarified.

The participants will experience a human-centred design thinking process, independently develop their own insights directly from real users, customers and employees using qualitative research methods. They will define their challenge and objective more precisely, generate ideas, form and test the first prototypes. All this serves to experience human-centred methods first-hand and to better understand and empathize with the people, stakeholders and partners involved.. Subsequently, a moderated vision workshop is carried out and the next steps are defined.

For whom?

  • Leaders, managers and executives from organisations who would like to develop a vision (sense, purpose, reason why) together with their peers, team members and employees


  • launchlabs support your management team in clarifying what the focus on users means and why this is important
  • Participants are guided through a human-centered process, gathering insights, developing ideas, building prototypes and testing them
  • launchlabs moderate a vision workshop
  • Definition of next steps

How long? 

  • From a two-day vision workshop to implementation support over the course of several months


The launchlabs provide support for longer-term strategic reorientations or selective strategy and retreat meetings

strategylabs at a glance

By applying agile approaches, we support your management team in developing strategic issues with agile approaches. This enables you to flexibly integrate the complexity of rapidly changing markets, uncertain conditions, technological trends and exogenous shocks into your strategy.

With approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Blue Ocean Strategy or Business Model Innovation we help you not only to plan innovative business models or strategic positioning, but also to test them in realistic scenarios without great risk. Agile methods enable you as an organization to validate and adapt your hypotheses and concepts on the market in a faster and more flexible way, similar to a start-up.

In our strategylabs, we systematically examine and describe the status quo together with your cross-functional management team. Fields of action are explored, defined and prioritized together. From this, we develop design principles for their implementation. Finally, based on these guidelines, we develop solution approaches that we implement in a prototype and test in reality.

For whom?

  • Executives and leaders, who want to strategically realign themselves and their organization


  • Systematic recording and analysis of the status quo
  • Collaborative development of strategic topics 
  • Application of agile methods during the validation of hypotheses and concepts

How long?

  • From the one-day strategy meeting to implementation support over several months


You are facing complex development tasks for which you know neither the solution nor the solution path? We turn your team into an agile speedboat by designing and executing agile innovation sprints with you.

innovationlabs at a glance

We make you faster than the market by planning agile innovation projects with your development teams and guiding them towards implementation. With agile approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean-Start-Up, Business Model Innovation or Scrum, you pivot away from traditional structures and steer your organization like a start-up yourself: you will develop new services, products, processes and business models in a consistently user-oriented and agile manner.

By allowing yourself to fail early, you learn from them faster. In this way, you can reduce uncertainty and thus the risk of bad investments, even when faced with complex challenges. From the very beginning, we set up innovation projects with you in such a way that teams from different departments work together and make use of their diverse perspectives. In addition, we help you to gain inspiration for unusual solutions from a wide range of industries and contexts throughout the entire project duration. All in all, with our support, you can quickly design innovative solutions for complex challenges that will prove themselves in the market long-term.

For whom?

  • Development teams or managers who need to develop solutions for complex problems for which there is no clear solution path


  • The launchlabs support you with the methodical know-how of agile approaches in the development of novel services, products, processes or business models
  • We support your team in developing visionary ideas beyond the everyday and bring them to market via prototypes – always with user needs in mind
  • In preparation for the project, we help you put together cross-functional teams, plan the development sprints with you, including the necessary resources, and support you in setting up a creative teamwork environment

How long?

  • Workshop formats lasting several days to provide impulses and show development paths
  • Long-term support within the framework of a project to bring solutions to market maturity

Case Study: Festo