Fancy a vacation while working?

Vacation or work: choose one!

Work-life balance has become a well-known saying and your own lifestyle only seems to be right when the work-life balance is right. In general, it is assumed that you either works or enjoys life. Combine them both? Seems rather impossible.

With the idea of workation, launchlabs has been trying to fight this mind-set for years:

work + vacation = workation.

Once again, the launchlabs offer a workation day in a relaxing, yet easily accessible location. While co-working in the fresh air, you can concentrate on your work, swap ideas with fellow workers and be inspired by a “walk and talk” or simply network during the coffee breaks.

Is the workation suitable only for working on a laptop or telephone? You can also use the creative energy for sketching ideas or sorting your paperwork. Thus, you may let your gaze wander in between, recharge your batteries and take a fresh perspective on those things that often seem far too tricky in daily business.

Vacation while working? This way, the work-life balance is also right in the end.

On the 21st of June 2018 launchlabs and the BVMW Capital Region South took all these good intentions to Werder Havel  and spent a productive workation-day in the vineyard. Thanks to all the participants – until next time!

Lina Kruse from Goodjobs took part in the event and wrote an article (in German) about it, too.