Podcast: Agile Leadership – Exaggerated Hype or Model of the Future?


Dr. Simon Springmann in the podcast

Our world is becoming increasingly complex. Due to exogenous shocks, such as the recent Corona pandemic, our usual environment changes from one moment to the next. Face-to-face encounters for meetings, conferences and customer discussions, for example, are hardly possible anymore and are replaced by digital tools.

Organizations across all industries need to adapt quickly to these changing conditions. For this reason, agility is also important for experienced companies, and not just since the beginning of the pandemic. Because endogenous causes also increase complexity. Two main drivers here are the megatrends of globalization and digitization. They are disrupting the competitive situation; tech giants such as Amazon, Google or Apple are systematically penetrating more and more industries and sectors. And the needs of customers are also changing rapidly. They expect increasingly flexible, digital and individual solutions for their needs.

In this podcast, Dr. Simon Springmann, Managing Partner of launchlabs Berlin, discusses these and other topics from the areas of agile transformation and agile leadership with Corinna Pommerening: What are the factors for a successful agile transformation? What exactly characterizes an agile mindset? And is the talk of agility sustainable or just another temporary hype?








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