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Your corporate playground

We are helping your business become as agile and creative as a successful start-up.

We will always try first to understand your situation, unique to you, your organization and your customers, so we can help you make a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship emerge. We will work with you on your innovation projects, design and facilitate workshops for you and help you drive your transformation initiatives.

We not only have the skills, knowledge and experience but also the creative space to help you apply Design Thinking and Lean-Start-up approaches to your work. So please feel free to contact us about our services. Or just drop by for a cup of coffee. We would love to have a conversation.

services Innovation through Intrapreneurship

services Your corporate playground

We help to strengthen the innovative power of established enterprises by supporting them in a fast and sustainable creation of an own intrapreneur- ship culture – We design innovation projects, method workshops, or change programs for you and run these at our innovationloft or in your own space.

  • learninglabs

    In our learninglabs you will learn to understand and apply Design Thinking as a mindset and a method. You will explore the application of agile approaches to any kind of development work. This implies working in short sprints, using methods for empathizing with the user, or learning in iterative loops with prototypes and feedback.
  • learninglabs

    In a playful and safe environment, your team will experience new ways of working, aimed at developing human-centered services and business models. The insights you gain don’t just rely on analytical approaches, but on a synthesis of various sources of inspiration.
  • learninglabs

    We will customise learning and development modules to your specific needs. With organi- zations like Audi, Adidas, Siemens, or SAP we have already successfully designed and delivered educational programs reaching from introductions to Design Thinking to broader Train-the-Trainer programs.

    What does your team want to learn?
  • innovationsafari

    Innovationsafaris are inspiring learning journeys: We can take you to Silicon Valley, Berlins creative scene or to Switzerland. Our extensive network will offer you opportunities for networking with thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors.
  • innovationsafari

    To begin with the right question and arrive at the best solutions, we can help you see the bigger picture and reframe your challenge from a customers perspective. Our learning journeys have led us to enterprises like Google and SAP in Silicon Valley, as well as to the iHub in Nairobi, or to the most successful bicycle dealer in Switzerland.
  • innovationsafari

    We would be more than happy to organize a customised learning journey for your company, whether that is intended for inspiration purposes to kick-start a bigger development project or simply as a meaningful teambuilding event.

    What do you want to discover?
  • innovationloft

    Teams need a playful environ- ment to let their ideas fly, to find new inspiration and to gain new insights. Our innovationloft was designed as a corporate play- ground, creating a pleasant working atmosphere for your team, while supporting them in the co-creation of new solutions.
  • innovationloft

    In our teamspaces you will find lots of material such as white- boards, post-its, or legos. iPads, WiFi and a printer provide the state-of-the-art digital support you have become accustomed to. And the drinks are included – as is the fun you will have with your team. With four meters ceiling height, the 40sqm studiospace opens up fresh views for everyone involved in pitching and presenting.
  • innovationloft

    And if you want to make space for innovation at one of your own locations, we can help you turn a traditional office space into a hothouse for creative problem-solving. We did not just design our own innovationloft in Berlin but have created creative spaces for HLP Consulting in Frankfurt and were involved in the design of Swisscom BrainGym in Berne.

    Do you want to book our innova- tionloft or create your own space?
  • transformationlab

    If you are looking to build on certain ideas and inspirations, or, if you want to start pushing the implementation of a range of innovation initiatives, you will find that you’ll have to set up a process of transformation to enable this kind of innovative and entrepreneurial organisation.
  • transformationlab

    Using methods like Storytelling and Blueprinting we co-create a picture of where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. The resulting measures we use to create a transformation backlog adapted from the SCRUM methodology.
  • transformationlab

    This agile approach to transformation made it easier for firms like Swisscom, SAP and CSS Insurance to set priorities and plan resources in their implementation sprints – all the while maintaining a continuous line of sight to the customer.

    What kind of transformation do you want to initiate?

team A variety of backgrounds, one mindset

team A variety of backgrounds, one mindset
  • simon

    Simon is the founder and managing partner of the Berlin launchlabs. He was one of the driving forces in establishing the D-school in Potsdam. His experience covers a wide range of assignments as facilitator and consultant in the field of Design Thinking.

    simon blake

  • andreas

    Andreas is the founder and managing partner of the Basel launchlabs. He was co-founder and one of the driving forces in establishing the Swisscom BrandGym - a creative space for co-working and innovation projects. His experience covers a wide range of assignments as facilitator and consultant in the field of Design Thinking.

    andreas erbe

  • harald

    Harald works as a Design Thinking facilitator based in the launchlabs Berlin. As a native Austrian he acquired his skills and experience at the D-school in Potsdam where he contributed to the success of the d-school curriculum as Knowledge- and Track-Manager.

    harald gögl

  • jan

    As a coach for innovation, Jan facilitates diverse activities at launchlabs. Being a teacher, a systemic coach and a trainer for experiential learning, his focus lies on developing and conducting train the trainer programs as well as csr programs.

    jan wellmann

  • tiziana

    Tiziana has a degree in International Design Management ans spent the last three years as a part of the human centered design team at Swisscom. She was responsible for various events and the ongoing management of the Brand Gym. Tiziana has taken over the design and ongoing management of the launchlabs Basel.

    tiziana meletta

  • marianne

    Marianne is the manager of our Berlin innovationloft. Her experience includes a wide range of assignments in communication, marketing, project management and is supplemented by degrees in both business und advertising.

    marianne skvorc

contact See you soon at launchlabs!

contact See you soon at Launchlabs!

We are happy to host you as our guests soon!

You find us in the heart of Berlin at the lovely „Engelbecken“: an oasis located directly at the Kreuzberg creative district around Oranienplatz.

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