Innovative spirit from SMEs

Start-up culture made in Germany

As consultants, who help companies adapt to new work models, launchlabs have had the experience that a family-run medium-sized company usually carries much more lean start-up culture than most large corporations. And that small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) hold some virtues from which even start-ups might learn something.

How? In the magazine of BerlinDruck, which is all about “innovation” in its edition #40, Simon Blake, launchlabs, describes four observations on small and medium-sized enterprises: first, entrepreneurial spirit; second, lean processes; third, customer proximity and fourth, a culture of trying out. Due to traditional German entrepreneurial virtues – in combination with immanent start-up mentality – Simon Blake sees great potential for small and medium-sized companies to create something entirely new – other than just a simple copy of Silicon Valley.

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