agiLE barcamp

launchlabs as an expert at the agiLE barcamp
24-25 November 2017 in the Spinlab, Leipzig

As last year, the launchlabs team has taken part in the agiLE barcamp in Leipzig and offered expert sessions.

What is the agiLE barcamp about?

In the past 12 months, various scrum myths have spread – quite similar to the hype about agility and digitization. Often, agility is presented as a miracle weapon. Digitization is increasingly perceived as a buzz word and seen as a threat instead of an opportunity…

In keeping with the theme, the organizers have followed the concept of a Barcamp – the most agile form of a conference. The content was designed by the participants and experts alike. It is all about the ideas, the challenges, the hurdles, the trends and future perspectives that were brought to the barcamp by all its participants.

Which expert session did launchlabs offer?

Ideation methods: How do you find a balance between creative chaos and structured processes in order to come up with ideas? Which creativity technique is best suited to which challenges and how are they targeted? This session has shown an overview and example of how to systematically develop fruitful ideas.

Launchlabs thanks the organizers and all our fellow-participants for interesting sessions and discussions at the agiLE barcamp in Leipzig!