Customer journey with SINGA

Client SINGA Business Lab

On May 16, 2018, launchlabs Berlin worked hands-on with SINGA Business Labs in an all-day Design Thinking Workshop. Many impressions have remained for both sides.

SINGA Business Lab is an inclusive start-up incubator in Berlin and Stuttgart that supports entrepreneurs with a migration background in setting up new businesses.

Facilitated by the launchlabs, SINGA Business Lab engaged in a Design Thinking Workshop, focussing on customer journey and human-centered design. Under the guidance of Facilitator and Managing Director Harald Gögl, the entrepreneurs of SINGA learned a lot about the importance of the user perspective and its implementation in the design process. This enabled them to cross-check their own business ideas on the actual user’s point of view.

The workshop consisted of input sessions on customer journey as well as hands-on exercises in which prototypes were designed, taking into account the newly acquired knowledge.

One of the impressive projects is Reviving Home, a crowdfunding platform helps people rebuild their destroyed hometowns.

After all the creative teamwork, the delicious Syrian lunch which was served by one of the workshop participants,  Bab al-Jinan, a catering start-up himself, was very much called for and supplied all the participants with just the right level of energy.

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