Innovative teams need a playing field that fosters creativity and provides a structure that allows ideas to fly.

If you want to permanently establish a spirit of innovation we will help you develop and set up flexible teamwork environments and the processes behind them to ensure their successful implementation. Small changes can often have a major impact on inspiration and collaboration, be it the physical workspace, work materials, or the digital infrastructure. We work with you to find out which digital and analog tools best suit your organisation, your budget and your goals. In addition, we have also developed our own products and services such as the Workflow Software Flowtomator or our own design thinking furniture line, based on our wide experience in setting up and coaching innovation projects.

agile setup-Impressionen

Creating structures: how do agile teams operate?

Together with you we create structures in which agile innovation teams can develop their full performance:

We help HR or development teams build a community of agile working innovation teams by:

  • supporting the establishment of cross-functional teams
  • recommendation/introduction of (digital) tools for agile cooperation
  • planning a Community focus such as Meet-ups and Sharing Sessions
  • design a time model for use in the control demo

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Would you like to create a space for innovation? Creating a space where people, materials and methods combine so that innovation can flow?

Workspace Design at a glance


launchlabs will support you every step of the way in designing your space for innovation:

  • Workspace design: from concept ideas to floor plans, from zonal plans to space budgets, from sketches to 3D visualisations to the interior design and the operating concept of your space
  • Design Thinking furniture: mobile standing tables, shelves and stands for flexible set-ups. Design and functionality are a result of a partnership with the Berlin furniture designer pool22 who created the joint venture what if we fly for Design Thinking furniture and agile workspace design
  • Rent a Lab: Experience a well-equipped, inspiring work environment with your team and your challenges and rent our Kreuzberger Innovationsloft or at our Basel launchabs location in the Gundeldinger area.